5 Easy Ways To Pay It Forward

Did you know that 164 million consumers plan to shop over the five-day US Thanksgiving weekend? That’s a whole lot of love for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We Canadian’s aren’t immune, either. It seems every TV commercial is advertising pre-Black Friday sales already. If the consumerism craze has you rethinking the way you kick off the holiday season, you’re not alone. That’s why we created a list of easy ways to pay it forward. After all, isn’t that what the holiday spirit is really about?  

Reach Out To Someone

pay it forward

Maybe you know someone who’s having a tough time but aren’t sure what to do or say. How about starting with a simple “let’s go for coffee”? Rather than creating expectations around how to be supportive, it’s puts the focus on direct contact first. In today’s social media-laden world, it can feel like you’re constantly connected to those around you when the reality is actually the opposite. So plan a coffee (or hot chocolate) date and leave the encounter off the gram. Your presence is enough.

Give A Care

pay it forward

There are so many ways to “give back” but why not “give better” instead this holiday season? For every $25 donation we receive until the end of the year, we’ll be sending a Give-A-Care package to young women to remind them they are not alone. Give-A-Care is the only product line that addresses the needs of young women with breast cancer with useful products and cheeky taglines.

Food For Thought

pay it forward

We all need to eat and sometimes, bringing someone nourishment via a homemade meal can go a long way. Maybe it’s an elderly family member or sick friend who can’t stomach time in the kitchen. Even non-chefs can search for easy recipes that are more crowd-pleasing and less labour intensive (think veggie lasagne or homemade chicken noodle soup). Psychology Today confirms, “Food, essential for survival, gives us an excellent opportunity to express love.”

Use Your Birthday For Good

pay it forward

What’s better than heading to Facebook on your birthday to read all of the lovely messages from your network? Using to it fundraise, of course. Now, just like our US neighbours, Canadians can use the Facebook charity tool to donate to their favourite non-profit in just a few clicks. Now that’s a new tool we can get behind.

Be A Mentor

pay it forward cancer

Maybe you work in office full of bright-eyed young professionals. Why not mentor one of them? It doesn’t have to be a formal process or anything. Think of it as a monthly catch up that mostly involves listening, offering guidance and answering industry questions. In this fast-paced world, finding a mentor can be challenging but finding someone to lean in on professionally can be as easy as grabbing lunch or a coffee with a coworker on a regular basis.

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