5 Reasons You Should Get Involved

1. It’s Healthy

Volunteering with Rethink can be good exercise – just ask any of our event set-up volunteers! It keeps you active, laughter is readily available medicine, and taking the focus off yourself to be a part of something bigger is a great stress-reducer. It’s inspiring to know that at the end of the day, you have so much to be proud of!

2. That team spirit

Volunteering strengthens our community, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds for a common goal. It’s an environment that is inclusive and supportive, and bubbling with energy! Rethink volunteers work hard and have fun, becoming some of Rethink’s most enthusiastic ambassadors for the cause.

3. Discover (or use) your hidden talents

Whether it’s navigational prowess, masterminding logistics for an epic gift-bag-stuffing, the brain-boggling assembly of endless children’s toys, or being an advocate and an ambassador for the cause – Rethink’s volunteers are flexible, quick on their feet and ready to take on any challenge. You just may surprise yourself by unlocking a latent talent.

4. Personal and professional growth

I have personally made some of my greatest connections through volunteering. People who volunteer choose wisely who they will give their time to, so you will be networking with those that have something big in common with you. From teamwork to time management, communication to confidence – as we get to know each other the opportunities for skill development are great.

5. You make all the difference

Like almost all mission-driven organizations, Rethink depends on their volunteers. We take on massive projects because there is so much at stake…and many hands make light work. Not only would the job not get done without help, but the volunteers bring so much fun and spirit with them that the work becomes more joyful. They truly impact all that Rethink is able to accomplish.

Can’t wait to get started? Rethink is currently recruiting volunteers. Click here to sign up.

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