5 Things You Didn’t Know About World Cancer Day

A new day, a new holiday – or at least it feels that way. We’re entering day 35 of 2019 and have already celebrated National Bubble Bath Day, International Hug Day, Organize Your Home Day (wildly embraced by Marie Kondo fans everywhere), and National Compliment Day,  just to name a few.  

But today’s a day we Rethinker’s believe is worth embracing. Start circling February 4th on your calendars because it’s World Cancer Day – a day where people from Brazil to Uganda come together to bring cancer to the forefront of the global conversation. Maybe you’re a World Cancer Day newbie and are wondering what exactly makes this day special. Well, get comfy and read on ‘cause Rethink is here to school you on World Cancer Day.

Not sure how you can make an impact? Watch and listen as these Rethinkers reveal what they’re going to do to make positive change.

Want your very own Give-A-Care T-Shirt as seen on the amazing Rethinkers in our video? Head here to pick one up. All profits go towards support initiatives for young women affected by breast cancer.

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