Looking to donate your next stream and do great things for young people facing cancer? We’ve got you covered.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you make your upcoming fundraiser a success!

1. Set a goal

First things first – set a goal. Sounds simple, but this is an integral first step to holding a successful fundraiser. The goal you choose should be based on your relationship with your audience. You want to challenge your viewers but not so much that they feel that they can’t cross the finish line. On the flip side, don’t make it so easy that you crush it in the first hour of your stream.  Remember you want to keep them engaged through the end of your stream and realistic goals will help you do it.

2. Set milestones and micro goals

So, you’ve set a challenging yet realistic goal. Now it’s time to build the excitement and help make the finish line feel attainable. Enter milestones or micro goals. These can be focused on celebrating small wins like reaching 25%, 50%, or 75% of your goal. This will help your audience feel a sense of accomplishment while keeping them engaged. Breaking down your larger goal into bite-sized amounts and celebrating those wins will keep your audience motivated over the course of your stream.

3. Find ways to motivate your audience through challenges

What makes gaming fundraisers so successful is that they are fun! Plus, watching your favourite streams feels even better when you know that you’re helping make good things happen. The good news is that you’re already an expert at making your stream great so stick with what works. Have challenges you already use on your stream to keep your audience captive? Use those to meet your milestones and micro goals. If you’re stuck, here’s some inspo to get you started:

  • Do something entertaining: Sing your favourite karaoke song, do a dance,
  • Do something physically or mentally challenging: Like 30 burpees or long division WITHOUT a calculator
  • Change up something small with your game play: A skin, outfit tool, etc.
  • Get everyone to give a little bit in a quick timeframe: For the last two minutes of the hour ask everyone watching to get on the dollar train and donate a dollar to the cause!

4. Throwback to the cause

People are more likely to give when they understand what their money will do. So the money you raise will help Rethink Breast Cancer? Great! But what does that mean? Giving more details about why this is important will make your ask more powerful. That’s why we’ve provided some key messages. We’ve put a bunch in there so choose the ones that resonate most with you.

Don’t be afraid of repeating yourself – the more you get the message out there the more likely your audience will be motivated to give. Plus, viewers will be coming in and out of your stream so frequently throwing back to the cause and why you’re doing this will ensure that everyone is up to speed!

5. Shout out and thank your donors

Who doesn’t like being recognized for doing something good? The same thing goes for people who give during your stream.

Keep an eye out as those donation dollars roll in and thank donors individually for their contribution. Focusing on the individual not only makes them feel special, it also inspires others watching to give to get a shout out of their own. So, thank your donors and thank them often! They’re doing something awesome and they deserve a shout-out moment.

Looking for more inspo? Check out these highlight’s from NickEH30’s fundraiser!

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