6 Career Podcasts To Inspire You Now

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For some, podcasts are a form of self-care. From teaching us new perspectives to inspiring change, telling great stories and more, it’s no surprise that more and more people are hopping on the podcast train. The trouble is, where do you even start? Our advice? Word of mouth is a great place to begin. So, this month we’re bringing you some of our favourite career-focused shows that inspire us on a daily basis. Whether you’re rethinking your career altogether or looking for ways to level up or just find more joy in your workday, we hope you find some inspiration in these career-minded podcasts.

1. Work Life by Adam Grant

If you’re looking for ways to make your work life not suck, chances are you’ll love this podcast by organizational psychologist Adam Grant. He’s written several bestselling books, one he co-authored with Facebook’s Sherly Sandberg and is a leading expert on how to find motivation and meaning, while living more generous and creative lives. This chart-topping TED podcast tackles topics like burnout and how to love criticism.

2. How’s Work? by Esther Perel

What does one of the world’s beloved couples’ therapists have to say about work? Turns out a lot, actually. In How’s Work, Esther Perel brings her infamous unscripted one-time therapy session (hello Where Should We Begin podcast) approach to coworkers, offering a fresh new perspective on everything work-related (think connections, conflict and dynamics). In it, she explores common work-related issues that arise, such as starting over after being laid off and working within the family business.

3. The Femails

Success looks and feels different to all women and that’s the basis of this career-minded podcast that features the broad voices of women from a variety of different backgrounds.

Whether you’re freelance or work the C-suite, you are sure to be inspired the stories of real women in the workplace. Expect sage advice on lessons learned that can help inform your own decision-making as well as strategies to help you navigate your work-life experience.

4. WomenTalkShop

Listening to Toronto-based career coach Rebecca Perrin, on her new podcast is like listening to your smart and successful friend whose practical advice on life and work is super relatable. From advice on dealing with imposter syndrome to tips for working from home effectively (spoiler alert, sweatpants are not ideal, people), this is one podcast that is equal parts attainable and inspirational.

5. Rework

Firstly, you don’t need to be on Basecamp, a project management software tool, to appreciate the company’s advice on work culture. Known for doing things a little differently, the remote-based team has picked up some tools and tricks for improving the way people work and run their businesses. Think unconventional wisdom and forward-thinking tactics that will have you shaking your head in agreement and asking why you hadn’t considered such ideas before. If you loved the book of the same name, or the newer It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work, then you’ll surely enjoy this podcast from the same visionaries Jason Fried and David Hansson of Basecamp.  

6. Work Party

From the brains behind Create & Cultivate, the online platform and offline conference for women looking to create and cultivate their dream job, comes an equally vibrant podcast that features sage advice for all the modern entrepreneurs out there. Look out for hot topics like the beauty of saying no and how to navigate money negotiations. If you’re looking for tactical advice from amazing women like Busy Philipps, Sophia Bush, Jen Atkin, and more, subscribe now!

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