6 Ways to Rethink Your Workspace

Creating an intentional workspace will give you the zen and clarity that you need to get through the day and cross off the task on your list.

Here are 6 ways to rethink your workspace to boost your positivity and productivity: 

1. Clear the Clutter

  • Remove all unnecessary items, scrap paper, garbage, etc.
  • Let go of things that no longer serve you or bring you joy

2. Cozy up

  • Add a sheepskin or small throw blanket to your desk chair
  • Stylish, personal, and functional – it can also be used as a blanket!

3. Greenery #Goals

  • Adding plants not only brings a fresh look to your space, but they also help clean the air
  • Studies show plants help you feel more creative while also reducing stress and sickness
  • Consider low maintenance plants like succulents 

  4. Keep Organized

  • After determining what you really need, find a small organizing unit to keep things accessible and organized
  • Keep a planner, notebook, and pen within reach

5. Stay Inspired

  • Print off quotes, images, and graphics that inspire you
  • Try to stick to a colour scheme to keep the decor consistent

  6. Must-have Mist

  • A quick spritz of face mist every once in a while can go a long way in helping you feel refreshed and energized

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