Break Through the Bullsh*t

November 2023

Let’s Break Through the Bullsh*t on drug access!


This past October, the breast cancer community came together and shared all the BS they’ve had to deal with since being diagnosed with breast cancer. From delayed diagnosis to not feeling like an active partner in your care, to issues with psychosocial support, to poor reconstruction results, what’s clear is that people with breast cancer have far too much BS to deal with.

The time has come for us to focus on barriers to drug access. Because you know what’s REALLY bullsh*t? When new cancer treatments can’t be effective because it takes too much time for the people who need then to get them.

There are just too many barriers. Too many delays. Too much red tape and paperwork. Too much of yet another burden on people with cancer. TOO MUCH.

We know it takes many people standing together for the same cause to create real change. So, we’re calling on YOU to help us.

What are we asking for?

We need decision makers and elected representatives to help champion:

1) The development of a clear process to prioritize breakthrough drugs beyond Health Canada

2) The professionalization of the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA)

Come advocate with us!

TORONTO: On November 16th, Rethink will be at Queen’s Park with the Ontario Legislature to advocate for improved access to cancer drugs. We welcome you to join us as a patient advocate. We’ve seen the reality of impact happening in numbers. So please come! 💗 Plus, we’ll be having bold and fun activities and the most delicious food from Toronto’s beloved Food Dudes. LEARN MORE AND RSVP HERE!

Other ways to advocate

ELSEWHERE: Not in Toronto? No prob! There are still a few things you can do to help Break Through the Bullsh*t from where you are:

1) Send your federal or provincial elected representative a letter for support using our template (here) that can be personalized. Feel free to include your own story.

2) Amplify Rethink’s #BreakThroughtheBS posts on social media (Instagram, Facebook, X)

3) Share your own BS on social media tagging @rethinkbreastcancer and #BreakThroughtheBS — the more people talk about the realities of navigating cancer, the more we can amplify and show decision makers why change needs to happen.

There’s so much more to come on this, including other advocacy opportunities, so stay tuned. Thank you for helping us Break Through the Bullsh*t.

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