Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Let’s Make October Count


While we dive straight into a new Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and well, a lot of pink, we’re thinking a lot about the broad term of awareness and the fact that it’s not the best representation of the actual breast cancer community. According to Merriam-Webster, awareness is ​ “The quality or state of being aware: knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists”. But isn’t that a little…vague? 

The thing is, young people with breast cancer don’t need awareness. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women globally. It’s likely someone you love has been affected by the disease in some way. Awareness just isn’t enough.  

What young people with breast cancer need is advocacy. They need action. They need a movement. And that’s why Rethink exists, to help women diagnosed with breast cancer live better and live longer.  

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put the majority of our fundraising on hold, leaving our movement in jeopardy. Yes, our lives have been majorly disrupted by the pandemic, but breast cancer is still here and shows no signs of slowing down. That is why this October is especially important. And you can do something to make it count. 

Throughout the month we will let you know about different ways you can make October count, so be sure to keep an eye on our site and to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to be in the know.   

First up, meet this year’s #RethinkingPink partners, who make it possible for you to use your spending power to fuel our movement. As always, we’re committed to working with brands that are accountable to the dollars they raise. That’s why you’ll regularly see information like the percentage of sales coming back to the charity and if there’s a minimum/maximum cap on donations. Thanks to these brands, we can continue to make an impact by offering resources, programming and support that understands the unique needs of young women with breast cancer.  

Meet this year’s #RethinkingPink line-up

1. Smythe  Duchess Blazer in Rethink Pink  2. Deux Lions  St. Agatha Pendant  3. UnikaSwim  Pink Masks and Swim  4. Bravado Designs  Nursing and Everyday Bras  5. STIL  Get It Done Planner in Nude  6. Grin  Pink Toothbrush  7. Phase Skin  Skincare  8. H&M  All Bras  9. LOHN x Rethink  Limited-Edition Rise Candle  10. Ellie Mae  Limited-Edition Capsule Collection  11. Giftologie  Glad To Be Here Collection  12. hali  Beauty Baskets 13. Gee Beauty  Bundle  14. CompassionHat  Headwear  15. BIKO  Rose Gold and J’Adore Pearl Drops Collection  16. Manta  Pink Hair Brush  17. Everviolet  Astrid Jersey Bralette  18. Pamela Lauz  Element & Mantra Collections  19. Scentsy  Hope, Strength, Love Warmer  

On top of this, the following partners will be accepting donations on behalf of Rethink Breast Cancer during the month of October: Aerie, B.Beautiful, Courage Cookies, H&M, Kitchen Stuff Plus, Studio Sashiko, and Willful. To see the full #RethinkingPink collection, click here.  

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