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Cancer Fabulous Diaries: Reflecting

By Sylvia Soo March 7 2017

Date: April 25

I’m feeling: A little more than all right

Today when the home care nurse came to my house to see if my drains were doing their job she was completely surprised to see me open the door with a huge smile on my face. As she checked my bandages, she mentioned that she thought this visit would be very hard because of how young I am, but she exclaimed how that wasn’t the fact at all.

The first weeks were hard. However, I feel like the hardest part is over, having to make one of the toughest decisions of my life—whether or not to take off my breast.

I think people are surprised when they see me upbeat and happy. I don’t want to feel handicapped, because i’m not. I’ll continue to be the independent woman I am. I want to hear happy success stories. I already know about the odds of dying from breast cancer. I know that death waits and reaches its nasty claws out at me, but I am a fighter. I want to surround myself with positive people.