Cancer Fabulous Diaries: Tips + Tricks

Cancer Fabulous Diaries

1. Embrace each day

One of the most difficult things for me to accept was the amount of time it took for doctor appointments, lab work, pathology report results, treatment, etc. Your life will be filled with appointments and tests. A lot of time you will be waiting for answers. Sometimes there are none. My advice is to embrace each day. Focus on getting through each day. Spend less time worrying about tomorrow.

2. Bring a friend

If “doctor” and “appointment” are in the same sentence, make sure you plan ample time to sit in the waiting room. Bring a friend, a book or some work to pass the time.

3. Take notes

Buy a small notebook that can slip into your bag where you can keep track of all your questions and appointments or download a notebook app on your smart phone. If you think you have a good memory, it’s definitely going to be put to the test. Questions are important. Ask them.

4. Do your research

You will be bombarded with a lot of information from doctors and friends. Do your research. If you are feeling overwhelmed with information presented to you by friends and family, ask them to thoroughly research the pros and cons of everything before they present information to you.

5. Journal

Document this part of your life. It’s probably not something you’ll have to revisit but at least you’ll have it if you want it. Create a video diary, a handwritten journal, scrapbook or a blog.

6. Just say yes

If somebody offers to help, say yes. Be specific. Rides to and from appointments, an extra ear at consultations, venting sessions, and home-cooked meals are helpful ways friends can be part of your experience.

7. Get prepared

Prepare for the upcoming months. You may want to apply for additional health insurance, visit your dentist, etc.

8. Minimize

Rid your life of clutter…literally! Get rid of those clothes you think you “might” wear one day. Trash papers that take up space in your file folder. Re-organize and re-decorate your room – make it your oasis. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so make it comfortable and relaxing.

9. Breathe

Take a deep breath. Focus on being fully present.

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