Canswer Hive: Dealing with Cancer Side Effects in the Summer Heat

THIS IS THE CANSWER HIVE.  TIPS AND INSIGHTS SHARED DIRECTLY FROM RETHINK’S YOUNG WOMEN’S NETWORK (RYWN) Summer is normally welcome around our parts but when treatments and chemo enter the soaring temps equation, let’s just say things can get pretty heated. Think side effects (ahem, hot flashes) and don’t even get us started on wearing wigs and hats in this heat. So, we went straight to our community for some summer heat hacks. Here’s what the women in our Canswer Hive had to offer.

Alina says:

I’m fresh out of treatment and got really sick from being outside with the kids 2 weeks ago. I felt very faint, and my skin felt like it was on fire. I think after that experience I am resolved to do indoor activities on the really hot days at least until late afternoon when the sun isn’t as scorching.

Crystal says:  

As much as it pains me to get up really early that’s what I’ve been doing. The sun isn’t as bad before 9am and the air is still cool. There are lots of places to go but they tend to be costly. I use sunscreen every day. Even if there is no sun I put it on every 2 hours. I also make sure the area that I received radiation is covered.

Christine says:

I’m finding my tolerance for the heat is getting better 6 months out of radiation and chemo. Hot flashes are still rampant but I always wear a hat and usually a surf rashie style top or an spf stick reapplied often. I’m even putting it on my neck and chest while in the car because it feels like it’s getting burnt even through the window. I am liking the spf stick because it shows where I’ve put it. 

Val says:

These few steps should work!

  • Step 1: Find a place that has AC
  • Step 2: Turn on a fan
  • Step 3: Open jar of ice cream and eat it!
  • Step 4: Watch your favorite TV show or movie!
  • Step 5: Relax and enjoy!
Heidi says:

Stay inside!

Kathy says:

I play outside with my dog. We compete in agility and we practice a lot. I don’t find the heat particularly hard for me after chemo and radiation. I do drink lots of water…lots! And I enjoy ice cream daily even though I am trying to lose weight.  In the crazy heat, I go to the beach with my family and our dogs. I bring my shade tent and put sunscreen on.

Libby says:

Get a good natural sunscreen (there’s a nice tinted natural sunscreen by Badger).

Sarah says:

Tons of sunscreen, limit sun exposure during peak periods, always wear a hat, and stay hydrated.

Sabrina says:

I honestly couldn’t handle the heat with anything on my head so I just decided to bare it! Luckily for me I was just wrapping up chemo so I had a crew cut look by mid-July.

Kim says:

Sunscreen, hats, umbrella for the beach, light fabric coverups and lots and lots of fans and AC!

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