CANSWER HIVE: Our Favourite Products During and Post-Treatment

This is CANSWER HIVE. Tips and insights shared directly from Rethink’s Young Women’s Network (RYWN).

We asked the CANSWER HIVE which products have been the most helpful during treatment and post-treatment. From mouthwashes, to pillows, toques, lotions and more- find out why these products made the list of favourites. 

Laura says:

Under arm pillows and zero gravity chair post surgery made for comfortable sleep.

Shelley says:

Unscented lotions. Warm socks. Awesome toques. Blankets. Headphones for during treatment or waiting rooms or late nights.

Dee says:

My friend loaned me her kindle which was helpful because I would fall asleep or forget where in the story I was. Some books were too heavy to hold up and I couldn’t rest them on my belly post surgery.  Comfortable, easy to get into clothing.  I agree with the anti gravity chair/recliner.  I napped in one that was easy to get up from. People that made me meals saved my sanity.  Good hats, toques, scarves.  Glaxol base lotions for radiation burns. Headphones to listen to podcasts and music when the insomnia would become brutal.

Joy says:

Glaxol base lotion was the best thing during and after radiation! My skin was extremely dry and sore. It was the only thing that worked and provided relief. Nothing else came close and I literally tried everything.

Rachel says:

My cooling gel pillow that kept me cool at night during my hot flashes. That thing was a life saver.

Stephanie says:

Heart pillow for support and elevating the arm away from the lumpectomy and lymph node surgical site.

Miranda says:

Biotene mouthwash and toothpaste for dry mouth!  Parkhurst hats and toques (from the Bay or MEC) that are extremely soft fleece and wool combo that didn’t irritate my sensitive bald head.  I agree with the Glaxol base lotion for radiation burns and after-care.

Christine says:

Glaxol base lotion for radiation and natural baby wash for during chemo. I used it as soap and makeup remover and to help clean sore crusty eyes.

Heidi says:

Coconut oil for EVERYTHING! and a cream conditioning shampoo such as Renpure for conditioning bare scalp instead of drying shampoo.

Emma says:

Lint brush was my everything when my hair was falling out!

Sarah says:

Heating pad for bone pain during chemo was a life saver.

Melanie says:

Green beaver toothpaste in apple or orange. It was the only thing that didn’t irritate my mouth sores.

Emily says:

Pur mints for chemo and Herceptin infusions – they tasted awful!

Erica says:

Thermometer. During my chemo there were many nights when I got the chills and my temperature went up. I kept my thermometer (the one you put in your ear) right beside my pillow. It came in always super handy.

Kelly says:

True and Co. makes a super soft front clasp bra that was a life saver for surgery and radiation. Also, the high fashion radiation gowns by ‘radiant wraps’ were cozier than the nasty hospital gowns

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