CANSWER HIVE: Talking Breast Reconstruction Pt. 2


“Breast reconstruction is not for the faint of heart” is something we’ve heard from breast cancer patients. Unless you’ve already been through it, many patients don’t know what the process actually entails.  So we asked the CANSWER HIVE what they wish they knew about reconstruction before going through it.
Dee says:

Scar tissue adhesions take almost 18 months of consistent massage and acupuncture to avoid ending up in massive pain and limited mobility.

Desiree says:

Reconstruction is a long process. Double mastectomy with reconstruction was 6 surgeries, over 15 months, for me. You need several months healing time between each surgery.  Reconstruction will never be “perfect.” You will be uneven, and maybe single breasted for a long time, while waiting for the final results. Nothing is a quick fix.

Maja says:

Implants can cause back pain!

Jennifer says:

Reconstruction may not work after radiation. It’s not as simple as just getting implants. Also, reconstruction is NOT cosmetic surgery.

Stacey says:

Not having reconstruction is a reasonable option too. A lot of people assume you will automatically opt for reconstruction, but there’s nothing wrong if you don’t.

Lindsey says:

Get a hospital bed for home!

Sarah says:

You will be lopsided unless you have even more surgery done. It takes a long time for the implant to settle and feel like part of your body. Also, physiotherapy is your friend.

Kathleen says:

I think it’s really imperative to have an open dialogue with your plastic surgeon. Ask to see images of previous surgeries and be selective. I have had shoulder pain, verging on a frozen shoulder, and a torn rotator cuff since surgery. Massage, a Chiropractor and physiotherapy are my “new norms” for maintenance.

Lindsay says:

Your doctors tell you that you will be healed from surgery in this many weeks, in this amount of time. What they don’t tell you is that you may not have open wounds, but, your body will need adjusting for 1 to 2 years. You need time accept the new change.

Erica says:

The implants will always feel cold.

Beatrice says:

I would have almost no feeling in my chest after reconstruction. The temperature of my chest where the implants are can be significantly colder than the rest of my body.

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