Care Guideline #5 For Young Women With Breast Cancer: Assistance During Pregnancy

Being diagnosed with breast cancer during or after pregnancy can have a major impact on a young woman and her family. Our 5th guideline from the Care Guidelines for Young Women with Breast Cancer stresses that these women should be offered counselling, and should also be referred to a specialist who has experience with the effects of cancer treatment while pregnant.

We asked two women from our Rethink Young Women’s Network to tell us why this guideline is important to them.

“My daughter was 2 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, I was concerned with what I would tell her and the impact it would have. I did meet with a social worker on my first day of chemo, along with a dietician and the nurses. At the time it was a little too overwhelming to focus on how to explain things to my daughter. It would have been helpful to have someone to contact once I had started treatment and post-treatment.” -Jennifer, diagnosed at age 38

“When you’re breastfeeding a newborn and your milk supply comes in, interrupting it to safely undergo diagnostic scans and procedures poses many challenges. New mothers need information, timely advice on the unique set of challenges they face, and to be told about the impact of diagnosis and treatment on families with young children.” -Ellen, diagnosed at age 39 (following childbirth)

To download the Care Guidelines and learn more about your rights as a young woman with breast cancer, click here.

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