Care Guideline #6 For Young Women With Breast Cancer: Family Support

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can have a huge impact on a young family. Our 6th guideline from Rethink’s Care Guidelines for Young Women with Breast Cancer ensures that these women are offered the appropriate resources to help lighten the load of caring for young children, as well as support to help family members deal with the added stress of cancer.

Here are two statements from members of our Rethink Young Women’s Network sharing their personal connection to our 6th guideline.

“I was diagnosed during pregnancy. My chemo began one week after my son was born.
I was a first time mom with a premature baby, a healing c-section, and dealing with chemotherapy. It was all very overwhelming and my plate was full. Without the assistance that I had from a caregiver for my son I’m not sure how I would have coped.

Between going to doctor’s appointments, treatment, and the times I was too sick to get out of bed, it was very reassuring to know that my son was in good hands.”

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37, our kids were 2, 3, and 6 years old. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed with juggling appointments, taking care of the kids, feeling sick and managing my fears.

There was no way we could have coped without my parents regularly taking care of our kids as well as the financial support of my in-laws to hire a part-time nanny. But what if neither of them were available to help?

Young families need opportunities for childcare resources to help alleviate the additional financial and family commitments that are added into an already anxiety-ridden situation.”
-Karyn, diagnosed at age 37

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and are juggling caring for a young family at the same time, there are resources and support services that can help.

Here are a few:

Morgan Livingstone, Child Life Specialist
Talking to Your Kids About Breast Cancer: A Guide for Parents
Nanny Angel Network
Gilda’s Club

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