Care Guideline #9 For Young Women With Breast Cancer: Financial Burden

The financial burden of breast cancer can be a huge challenge for young women going through treatment. Wage losses from time off work, drug costs, and getting coverage for life insurance are some of the financial issues this group has to deal with. Our 9th guideline calls out the need to make sure young women understand the financial implications of having breast cancer, and are provided community resources to cope.

“Being diagnosed with cancer at a young age, I didn’t know to think ahead about the implications or complications I would have when applying for a mortgage or life insurance post-diagnosis or with getting certain treatments covered through my benefits plan. Being armed with this information, or knowing where to find it, would have helped me to know what benefits I was entitled to. It would haveallowed me to advocate for my rights and find alternate solutions and reduce the added stress associated with it. A stress that easily could have been avoided.” -Silvana, diagnosed at age 32

“There is an importance for young breast cancer patients to be given, if needed, the opportunity to be put in touch with community agencies to discuss the financial implications associated with breast cancer in order to be prepared to cope with the changes in policies, benefits and plans that result from experiencing breast cancer. This is so not to create any further shock and stress during and post treatment. These agencies are essential in helping patients/clients to get back to their futures within their means, while adapting to their new needs and perspective on life.” -Christen, diagnosed at age 33

To download the Care Guidelines and learn more about your rights as a young woman with breast cancer, click here.

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