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Do it. Do it More.

By Rethink Breast Cancer January 21 2016

Get in the habit

Life-long, healthy habits can help reduce your risk. Rethink encourages young women to reduce their lifetime risk of breast cancer by being regularly physically active, limiting how much alcohol they drink, maintaining a healthy weight and nutritious diet, and exercising caution when it comes to chemical exposure through personal care and household products, and choosing foods and beverages.

Rather than a short-term cleanse, 3-day work out challenge, or staying sober for one night, begin forming healthy habits as early as possible (here’s looking at you, teens) that will last your entire life. These behaviours need to be continual and consistent in order for you to benefit and reduce your risk of breast cancer. For example, exercise can help you reduce your lifetime risk by 25% – but only when you continue to keep active throughout your whole life. While it is admittedly very challenging to always eat healthy, exercise every day and never drink, the more you commit to these healthy habits throughout your life, the greater impact you will have in reducing your lifetime risk. These habits will also help you improve your overall health and quality of life!

What you need to know:

  • For optimal breast health, form healthy, lifelong habits!
  • Exercise; eat right; get proper rest; reduce alcohol; don’t smoke; enjoy indulgences in moderation

Rethink wants to remind women that there are a number of healthy habits you can establish in order to optimize your breast health, and you can learn more about them here.

So go hard. Get sweaty. Eat right. Do it. Do it more. Do it every day.


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