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Don’t Be Shy

By Rethink Breast Cancer January 21 2016

Get talking

You are your own best breast advocate. You can (and should!) be an active part of the conversation surrounding breast health and breast awareness. Broadening the discussion to all the women in your life may just help save one of them someday. Rethink wants to help women educate themselves as much as possible, and hopefully allow them to empower and educate one another.

Being proactive about your breast health also means informing yourself of family history and other factors that may increase your lifetime risk of breast cancer. Talk to your doctor about these factors to determine if early screening is a good option for you.

So don’t be shy. Speak up. Talk about it. Be heard.

What you need to know:

  • Don’t be shy, speak up and talk about breast health
  • Be Proactive – learn whether you have specific risk factors that need to be addressed
  • Educate yourself, and help educate others


What else do you need to know about breast health? Read on…

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