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Rethink’s Care Guideline #9 for Young Women with Breast Cancer states that people should be given, if needed, the opportunity to be put in touch with community agencies to discuss the financial implications associated with breast cancer, including employment rights, benefit plans, coping with a loss of income, and the effects on mortgage and insurance.

In Canada, we are especially lucky to have a healthcare system that supports the needs of cancer patients. However, there are still costs associated with cancer that are not covered especially for people who need time away from work during treatment and recovery. People who are self-employed, have a career in the arts or entertainment industry or are in school are particularly vulnerable to the financial burden of cancer because they don’t have extended coverage. The following is a list of potential costs and considerations that can have an impact:

  • Out-of-pocket drug expenses
  • Specialized clothing, prosthetics or bras
  • Wigs
  • Child Care
  • Travel costs
  • Travel insurance
  • Life insurance

Luckily there are programs and resources to tap into if you are someone facing breast cancer.


Rethink likes the information provided by the Canadian Cancer Society here and the Canadian Breast Cancer Network here. Wellspring also has a great financial counselling program called Money Matters. You can also check out some of content on careers, budgeting, or finances for some more support.


Our friends at Young Survival Coalition have a list of financial aid here, tips on career and back to work strategies here and insurance coverage here.


Breast Cancer Now in the UK has a great list of financial resources and practicalities here.


Breast cancer Network Australia has a tool kit for managing your finances as well as a breakdown of government support and resources here.

For more information on key issues for young women with breast cancer, check out our 10 Care Guidelines for Young Women with Breast Cancer.

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