Guideline #1 For Young Women With Breast Cancer: Understanding Unique Needs

Rethink’s first guideline in the Care Guidelines for Young Women with Breast Cancer drives home the important fact that young women with breast cancer should receive treatment from medical professionals who are sensitive to their unique needs.

Here are two testimonials from young women who have experienced breast cancer, in support of Guideline #1.

“When I was first diagnosed, I knew there would be many decisions that would have to be made. Some to be made by my health care team, some by myself, some as a family and hopefully many made as a whole team. However, I could never have guessed they complexity and depth of the decisions that would be put before me, from family planning, treatment options and relationships. Even with the wonderful support system there were times I felt dismissed in recognizing the decisions I was tackling. Acknowledging that major life decisions are a significant part of the cancer journey allowed me to feel validated and empowered to explore the resources & supports available.” –Young woman with breast cancer, diagnosed at age 32

“Having a medical team that was aware of the unique needs of young women with breast cancer made me aware of issues and concerns I had no idea could or would impact me. I felt guided through the network of professionals they worked with regarding fertility preservation, genetic testing, plastic surgery, social & financial support services so that I could make informed decisions.” –Stacey, diagnosed at age 31

To download the Care Guidelines and learn more about your rights as a young woman with breast cancer, click here.

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