Help Young Women Get Pregnant After Breast Cancer: Support Our Campaign!

One of my favourite things about heading a nimble, entrepreneurial charity is that we can jump on incredible opportunities and move quickly to fill gaps. Now we’re crossing our fingers that all of our followers and supporters will move at our pace too and quickly support our newest project! It’s something that many of the young women we serve feel urgent about: pregnancy after breast cancer.

We are getting behind a very important new international study called ‘Baby Time’ (POSITIVE) which will assess whether pausing endocrine therapy to get pregnant can be done without increasing risk of breast cancer relapse. It will also study pregnancy success and offspring health. Pregnancy after breast cancer appears to be safe in patients with ER+ disease, but more clinical data is needed so that young women can safely plan and start a family after breast cancer. We want to help our young women find the answers they need.

I got goose bumps looking through the information sent to me about the trial and immediately knew Rethink had to jump on board with funding the Canadian arm of the study. From our fourteen years working with young women with breast cancer, we know that fertility is one of the most important issues to them.

We are using a Thunderclap campaign to rally people together to spread our message about supporting Baby Time through social media. The beauty of Thunderclap is that we can coordinate all our friends and supporters to share our message together, and encourage supporting our fundraising campaign, at the exact same time. It’s like a flash-mob that cannot be ignored.

Please take just a moment to check out our Thunderclap video. It features one of our staff, Steph, who has a personal connection to this cause. The minute she found out that Rethink was looking into bringing the study to Canada, Steph marched into my office and said she’d help do whatever she could to support it.

Please join our Thunderclap campaign by donating a tweet or Facebook post and help us amplify this very important message. 

As our Board member, Dr. Sunil Verma, says, “Pregnancy after breast cancer – let’s make it happen!”

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