Helping to bring The SCAR Project to Toronto

From the SCAR Project by photographer David Jay

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Think pink, right?

From the SCAR Project by photographer David Jay
From the SCAR Project by photographer David Jay

I have to tell you, when I think of breast cancer, I don’t think pink.  To me, breast cancer is the black dark of my worst imaginings at 2 am.  It’s the moment you realize that breast cancer could take you away from the children who desperately need you.  It’s the yawning dread that visits you every time you hear about another friend of a friend who’s sick.  There’s nothing pink about that.

That’s why I love The SCAR project.  This spectacular photo exhibit is raw and real, and shows the harsh reality of breast cancer and the scars it leaves behind.  It is also hopeful, inspiring and extraordinarily beautiful. Have a look.

I’m thrilled to help Rethink Breast Cancer bring The SCAR Project to Toronto this spring.  This week, I held a private screening of Baring It All, a documentary about the making of The SCAR project.  Twenty wonderful women gathered.  We laughed and wept.  We remembered fallen friends and made new ones.  We raised $5,000.  It was an amazing night.

Join me and the many other women across Toronto who support this incredible project.  Visit The SCAR Project website and learn more.   If it moves you, and I know it will, make a donation here.  It feels way better than wearing a pink ribbon. – Kate Hilton

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