Here’s How to Start Meditating Today


We all know the benefits of meditation so what’s stopping us already? Time? Anyone can spare a few minutes. Guidance and accessibility? Well, now there’s a fix for that. Meet The Quiet Company, a Toronto-based mindfulness and meditation studio that’s based on comfort and convenience. We chatted with Emily Thring, Founder of The Quiet Company and asked her how to make meditation happen on the regular.

Forget what you think meditation should look/feel like.

You don’t have to sit on the floor with your legs crossed to meditate. If you’re not comfortable there, find another shape or seat where you can relax. Yes, meditation can feel really hard, at least it did for me. I had a lot of uncertainty about “doing it right” and often ended up more stressed out than I was when I started. Self-doubt comes from the fact that we are all our own worst critic, and it’s hard to start this practice and keep coming back.  So, I created a place to go for guided meditation without the pressure of religion or spirituality, that fit in my schedule like a yoga class or other workout did.

Keep calm and carry on.


Be gentle with yourself and take it slow. Meditation is simple, but not easy. Try sitting for two minutes and see how you feel or try a gratitude journal to tap into what in your life feels really good. Consistency is key. People who call themselves bad at meditating or who say they could never do it because they’re too busy are the people who need it the most. I know because I am one of those people!

Slow your roll.

When we are stressed out or overwhelmed our “fight or flight” response goes into overdrive. This means we are constantly on edge and our body doesn’t really recover from stress. This might come through in how your body feels, or like you’re out of control or flying off the handle. When we slow down our breathing, we activate our parasympathetic nervous system, or “rest and digest” system. This allows us to come back to our natural state and let our body and brain chill. From an emotional standpoint, I found it created space for me to connect with myself in an authentic way that was lost in my busy career and goal-focused life.

Live in the moment.

If we wait to enjoy the things we have, we will miss everything around us. Meditation helps pull us out of the loop of busy to be where we are. A mindfulness and meditation practice really made me more patient and in touch with who I am. I’m so much more present in my life and am super grateful for everything I have. However, I am still human. I work hard at undoing my old habits and know every moment is a chance at doing better.


The Quiet Company is rooted in mindfulness, the practice of bringing attention to the present moment, acknowledgment of feelings, sensations and what is happening without focusing on it. This is often rooted in focus on the breath. All of our instructors come from different backgrounds, so they bring their own flavour to each session. Movement + meditation classes are also available as many people find meditation can come more easily after movement and vice versa.

For more info. on Emily and The Quiet Company, visit

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