How A Give-A-Care Package Helped Me Cope

A breast cancer diagnosis can be a very lonely experience. And it can be especially isolating during the holiday season. It’s hard to know the right words to say or the right things to do when someone in your life is diagnosed with cancer. However, doing small things to show you care is a great first step.

Flowers and cards are nice and all but there are better gift options available that can actually help her get through the hard days ahead. That’s why we created the Give-A-Care line – the very first product line for young women with breast cancer that actually understands young women with breast cancer.

That’s also why we send newly-diagnosed young women a Give-A-Care package, containing essentials like hand sanitizer to protect her during those long stints in hospital waiting rooms and lemon candies to mask the metallic taste of chemo. Our hope is that this small token will let that newly-diagnosed woman know that no matter how dark and lonely the road ahead, there is a community who has her back.

We asked a group of young women facing breast cancer how it felt to receive a Give-A-Care package or products. Here’s what they had to say.

For every $25 donation to Rethink Breast Cancer, we’ll send a Give-A-Care care package (complete with products, humour and some care guidance) to a young woman with breast cancer. Help us send more of these much-needed packages to women with breast cancer.

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