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How I’m Continuing My Best Friend’s Legacy

Cancer has touched my life many times, through my mom, grandmother and even my husband when he was only 28-years-old. But the story of this diary entry begins with my sister-in-law, Lisa. We met in first grade and became best friends in high school, eventually marrying brothers. Despite regular exams, she got an aggressive form of breast cancer at age 50. 


During her cancer journey, Lisa embraced the artist in her, attending many workshops. She also received several handmade cards with hopeful wishes. This inspired her to dedicate her energy to making art cards for others with cancer. Lisa called this effort Soul Light Cards.

After Lisa passed, I asked her husband if I could continue Soul Light Cards in her honor. He agreed and I have been doing it ever since. Each card is handmade and they are completely complimentary. In Lisa’s own words, “The cards are for anyone that is a cancer thriver/survivor.”

It gives me great joy to create beautiful art for the cards, add Lisa’s inspirational words inside, and send them all over the world. I began with hand-painted watercolors, and now have branched out into several art forms, including encaustic monoprints, photo cards and “eco-dying,” which uses flowers and leaves to dye paper. 


Social media is the main way I get the word out. Lisa had set up a Soul Light Cards Facebook page, which I continue. My son encouraged and helped me set up an Instagram account because an amazing number of people are sharing their courageous cancer journeys on Instagram. I reach out to many of these cancer thrivers asking if they would like to receive a Soul Light Card, and often they reply with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Since there is just one of me, about 100 cards a month is my limit. In the future, I hope to expand by asking fellow artists to contribute handmade cards for Soul Light Cards.  Based on the feedback I get, I know the cards brighten up the recipient’s day, as it did Lisa’s. 

I’m grateful to Lisa for a beautiful legacy and for giving my art purpose. – Debbie

To receive a card or send one to a friend or family member, contact Soul Light Cards through email, Instagram, or Facebook.

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