How my Bestie Nadine Inspired This New Line of GAC Lipsticks

“No one is going to put an expiry date on me.”


These are the wise words of my bestie. Her name is Nadine. She is my confidant, keeper of secrets, travel buddy, business cheerleader and sister. We have a passion for shopping and drinks on the patio of the Keg every Friday at 4 P.M. in the summer, where we talk shop, goals, dreams, gossip and laugh till it hurts.

What a difference a year makes.

You were a proud Newfoundlander, professionally trained opera singer who at any time would break into a song and dance. You sang on stage with Bryan Adams and ate boat builders as a baby. You truly enjoyed living life to the fullest and always so much fun to be with.

When you were diagnosed with stage 4 MBC in January 2018, you pulled yourself together in true Nadine fashion and put up one hell of a fight to this horrible disease with positivity and grace. You have so much it’s contagious. I have learned so much from you, Nadine. 

The way you put yourself together with your signature LO2 fuchsia lipstick, which has been renamed NADINE in your honour – you’re always the best dressed and looking in any room. 

You’re my person. I miss you so deeply and dearly. 


Nadine fought her battle with fierce bravery and would encourage others to push forward no matter what. If you know or feel that something is wrong, then you advocate and push until someone listens! Keep fighting until the proper tests, ultrasounds, mammograms and biopsies are run. Nadine would want you to check yourself and know what’s normal. She was such an inspiring example of the #teamself hashtag.

Nadine’s advocacy against MBC lives on. Although, she may not be physically with us, we hope that her words and message continue to help bring awareness to this disease and prevent other women from having to experience what she has. Nadine’s message is one of hope… that all women need to be their own health advocate.

 Although cancer ultimately took Nadine’s life on July 25, 2019, it has not taken her voice. Her message: Don’t let anyone put an expiration date on you, continues to live on in the breast cancer community and in the many Rethink Breast Cancer stories she shared about living with MBC as found HERE.

I’m so proud to have collaborated with Rethink on the addition of the Nadine lipstick for Give A Care. This cause was near and dear to Nadine’s heart along with mine. I can’t express how important Rethink is and the incredible work they continue to do. Thank you for your support. 

XX – Melanie

Check out Give-A-Care’s newest selection of clean lipsticks from da lish cosmetics including the popular Nadine shade here.


Melanie Cruickshank is the founder of da lish cosmetics which is a Clean luxury colour cosmetics line that is long lasting, made in Canada using over 85% locally sourced raw ingredients and uncomplicated to use. You’re too pretty to poison!

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