How to Say Nothing When Someone You Know Has Cancer

Let’s be real. It’s very easy to get tongue-tied after someone in your life has been diagnosed with cancer. What do you say? How do you let them know you’re there for them? We reached out to our network of young women with breast cancer and asked this question:

When they maybe didn’t have the words to say, what are some of the best ways people in your life have showed you love/support while having breast cancer? 

Here are some of the top responses.

1. Cook a Meal

Bringing over ready-made meals to be eaten now or frozen for later can easily relieve the pressures of having to set aside time for cooking, allowing them to spend that time doing other things that make them happy.  

2. Clean

Is it fair to say most people don’t love to clean? And when someone’s going through chemo treatment, it is probably the last thing on his/her mind. Still, there’s something peaceful about coming home to a clean house. So: grab a mop, clean the dishes, do a load of laundry, and be a peacemaker.  

3. Send a Check-in Text Message

Sending something like, “Just checking in…” or “How’s today going?” are a good way of showing you care and that they’re not alone.  

4. (Snail) Mail a Card

A good old fashioned card is a short-and-sweet way to let someone know you’re thinking about them – especially if you’re not in the same city. Who said you can’t still use snail mail? Pair that with a gift-card to their favourite restaurant or to the grocery store and you’re golden!  

5. Babysit

Stopping by to babysit (or dog-sit) while your friend/loved one takes a much needed break or goes on a long-awaited date with their partner… it’s the little things.  

6. Create a Care Package

Care packages are a thoughtful, easy way to show someone that you care and are thinking about them. Fill it with some of their favourite snacks, warm fuzzy socks, jelly beans to get them through chemo, or whatever else you can think of. Not the best DIY-er? Don’t fret. Check out Rethink’s Give-A-Care line to create a perfect care package for your loved one.  

7. Be a Chauffeur

Going to doctor’s appointments and picking up prescriptions are things they have to do but don’t necessarily have to do alone. Swing by and pick them up. Or, better yet, pick up the prescriptions for them, if you can!  

8. Spend the Day

Spend the day sitting with them on the couch, watching their favourite TV shows or movies, playing cards or whatever else you know makes them smile. You don’t always have to be talking, just being there can make a world of difference!  

For more information and tips and tricks on how to show those in your life with cancer that you care, check out our YouTube series on How To Support A Loved One With Cancer.

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