How To Stay In Touch With Long-Distance Besties

By Jade Griffiths


Let’s be real. Whether 100, 1,000 or 10,000 kilometres apart, keeping long-distance friendships going can be challenging. Add cancer and all the Sh*t People Say into the mix, and it can feel nearly impossible.

But, can we just say that we feel you?! We hear you! And, we also got you, girl. In honour of National Best Friends Day, below are some tried-and-true techniques for keeping those out-of-city friendships alive and well.


1. Talk on the phone (yes, actually call them)


You’ll have to overcome the phone call anxiety that most of us seem to have these days. But, actually hearing your friends voice is a way better form of connection than just texting them. Tone and emotion are conveyed better and you have each other’s undivided attention. But, if text messages and group chats are still your thing, try sending voice memos from time to time to switch things up!


2. Plan a girl’s trip!


There’s no better way to spend time with your out-of-city pals than actually spending face-to-face time with them! While Skype is a long-distance life-saver, nothing compares to going on a trip with your bestie. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway where you meet in the middle or a week-long stay somewhere overseas, planning a girl’s trip gives you both something to look forward to. And, while you’re at it, why not make it an annual thing?!


3. Show you care with a care package


They say that actions speak louder than words and a care package is a great way to show your friend that you miss them and you’re thinking about them. You can add in some special treats or souvenirs from the city you live in to share with them. Even though they don’t live there too, it’s a cute way to mail a little piece of home to them. Or, if your long-distance bestie is affected by cancer and you’re not sure what to send them, the Give-A-Care care package is a great solution! It’s Rethink’s care package for women with breast cancer that actually understands women with breast cancer.


4. Send other types of snail mail


 Yes, we’re talking about regular mail delivered by the mailman. Letters are a great way to stay in touch with your long-distance friends while giving them a unique keepsake to hold onto. Keep them all in a special box so you can find them easily when you want to read them again. Or, you can go full on Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and share a piece of clothing – like a hoodie or a pair of jeans by sending it back and forth in the mail. And be sure to include a letter for your friend of the fun stories and magic that it gave you! It sounds cheesy, but we all secretly wished we were part of a Sisterhood like that!


5. Watch your fave shows together


It’s 2019, people, you don’t have to talk about the series finale after the fact. Sites like Gaze and Rabbit let you watch your fave TV shows and movies with your long-distance bestie at the same time! That’s right, bingeing just got better.


6. Schedule all the things


At the end of the day, in order to stay connected with long-distance friends, you have to actually make time to stay connected. Life can be hectic and busy. So, scheduling the time to chat on the phone, go on a trip, send a letter, or any of the other tips we mentioned is key. If you’re the kind of person that’s more busy than free, try using an online calendar like Google Calendar or Team Up so you can share it with your friend and make scheduling hangout time a bit easier.

Life happens and seasons change. Maintaining friendships, especially over long distances, can be challenging. However, if there’s anything we’ve learned from experience it’s that some friends are worth keeping and putting in the work to do it! And the best kind of friends are those that, regardless of how far away they are, it feels like nothing’s changed when you finally do see them again.



If you or someone you know is a young woman with breast cancer looking for a community that relates and connects with your struggle, the Rethink Young Women’s Network might be right for you. For more information, click here.

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