Fund Take Home Cancer Treatments – It’s the Right Thing to Do

The first time I heard that cancer treatments that are taken at home aren’t publicly funded in Ontario, I was floored. Just like three-quarters of people polled in Ontario, I believed if needed, take-home cancer treatments are paid for by the Ontario health care system. But instead, cancer patients between 25 and 64 years are treated with significant out-of-pocket costs and delays when the therapy they need only comes in a pill.

With the Ontario election less than four days away, we continue to call on candidates from all parties running for office to commit to the equal funding of take-home cancer treatment.  

Nearly 1,800 people have signed the petition and 7,000 emails have been sent to candidates and party leaders.

Many candidates have shown their support and have posted their commitment on social.  

But cancer can’t be political. Committing to improving care for patients is simply the right thing to do.

When patients like Amanda can’t access the treatment she needs because an antiquated cancer system hasn’t kept up with the modern evolution of cancer care, we can’t just sit around and hope things will get better. We need to act for change now.

What you can do to make change for breast cancer patients:

1. Sign the petition. And if you’ve signed already, share it with your network. There is power in numbers!
2. Ask for candidates’ commitments. If a candidate or their staff knock on your door, ask them where they stand.  This resource from CanCertainty can help you be prepared and ask how they are bringing equity and fairness to Ontario’s cancer system.

We’re doing it because breast cancer patients need it. Because all cancer patients need it. And they can’t wait any longer. – MJ

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