Like Mother, Like Daughter


I became a “motherless daughter” at age 22 when my mom’s breast cancer metastasized to her liver and treatments options ran out. I was an only daughter (with three older brothers) and our mother-daughter bond was strong. My mom was smart, classy, warm and just very easy to be around. My heart breaks knowing how much my own daughter, Annie, has missed out on having my mom’s gentle, calm and generous spirit in her life. Although, I do see and feel my mom shining through in Annie every day. And, I’m grateful that Annie and I enjoy the same easy, close bond I had with my mom. Well, for now. Annie turns 13 in a few weeks.


Instead of having a big birthday party this year, Annie is teaming up with her friend Eloise to throw their own “Junior” version of Boobyball, our flagship, annual fundraiser.

Annie has grown up with me raising my other baby, Rethink, alongside of her. Annie was born just two years after I started the charity. She’s sat in the back seat of the car listening in on conference calls, overhearing the trials and tribulations of the business side being discussed, as well as all the wonderful wins too.

And she’s a sensitive kid, taking in the stories of the women and families we serve and sometimes getting to know them. She is always asking questions, always following up on people or things she’s heard me say.


Annie is also following in my footsteps when it comes to a passion for events. The Boobyball theme reveal is a big deal for her and she always weighs in on my outfit choice. Year after year, she asks if she can come. She has had to make do with visiting on set up day the past few years. This year, she’s getting to a Boobyball of her own.

She’s made props for a photo booth and a giant tic-tac-toe activation. She’s rallied her friends. She’s also learned that events are “a lot of work.” And, what I also love is that she’s been checking her fundraising page, keeping a sharp eye on the thermometer and her goal.

I couldn’t be more proud of her. – MJ

For more info on how to throw your own #Myboobyball party click here.

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