Live Laugh Learn

An evolution of our in-person support groups, Rethink Breast Cancer’s LiveLaughLearn video series offers practical tips for young women with breast cancer.

Live Laugh Learn Tips for Young Women with Breast Cancer

Tips for young women with breast cancer from
young women with breast cancer:

Sylvia Soo on the Power of Journaling
Stephanie Gilman with tips for Coping with Chemo
Stacey Oree shares her solution for a Bathing Suit Post Mastectomy
Laura Murton on how Physiotherapy Helped Aid Her Recovery
Carys Cao shares her favourite product for Reducing the Look of Scars

Live Laugh Learn How to be a Loved One (of someone with cancer)

How to be a loved one of someone with cancer:

Jasmin Fiore Dodge shows you how to Create a Treatment Care Kit for someone you love!
Laura Hegge and Jim Dalling provide insightful help solutions in Don’t Ask – Do This
Jasmin Fiore Dodge and best-friend Corinne Murray on How to Create a Meal Train
Don’t know what to say to someone with cancer? Vanessa and her cousin Alana
help navigate the difficult conversation in What to Say
Laura Hegge and Jim Dalling discuss why it is important to Show up Post Treatment!

Live Laugh Learn Beauty Tips + Tricks for Women with Cancer

Fashion and beauty tips and how-tos to help you look
and feel your best.

How to brighten a complexion when going through treatment: Face Forward
Tips to revive tired eyes from cancer treatment: Making Eyes Pop
The best hairstyles for when hair grows back: Short Hair Love
How to re-create eyebrows after hair loss: Arch Up
Fitting and caring for wigs: Wig Out

Live Laugh Learn The Comeback (post-treatment)

Tips from experts on how to live life well after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Navigating changes in diet + nutrition: Food For Thought
Exercising after breast cancer: Up and At ‘Em
Managing side effects of cancer treatment: Hot Flashes, Fatigue, Dermatitis, Oh My!
Dealing with fear and anxiety after cancer: Just Breathe
Career coaching 101: Back on the Career Track

Live Laugh Learn Young + Metastatic

Advice and personal stories shared by young women living with metastatic breast cancer.

Michelle Riccio on Telling Loved Ones About Your Diagnosis
Teva Harrison on Building A Legacy
Jasmin Fiore on Finding Hope, Support & Community
Melanie Warner on Dealing With Chronic Illness & Scanxiety
Teva Harrison on Accessing Clinical Trials

Live Laugh Learn Mission Recovery (talking to kids about cancer)

This animated series explores various tools and techniques to provide children with a greater understanding of breast cancer and identify some of the feelings that may be impacting their lives at different ages and stages of development.

The Discovery
Operation Rescue
H.E.L.P. Squad
The Black Dot Returns
Transmission Feelings

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