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Can we be real for a second? Some days you just don’t feel like going to the grocery store (or even leaving the house in this cold weather!). It can be difficult to find healthy ingredients and space cooking and in our busy schedules. How do we take a break from conventional cooking routines without giving in to the tempting calls of fast food and take out?

Well, it’s 2018. And in the era of Uber, Air BnB, and Netflix there is also a quick and easy way to cook healthfully too!

Check out our list of fave brands that deliver fresh, recipe-ready ingredients right to your doorstep


Location: Canada-wide

If you like brands with a socially-conscious mindset, try: GoodFood

Your choice of 30-minute recipes, weekly deliveries, pre-portioned raw ingredients, and the ability to skip weeks free of charge. Can you say #mealgoals? Their mission is to not only provide subscribers with a guide on great, nutritious food, but to give back to the community too. For every box purchased, GoodFood helps provide a meal for a child in need. Scroll through GoodFood’s Instagram page for daily photos of delicious recipes you can try and how to include them in your next delivery.

Check out the GoodFood website for more details.

Chef’s Plate

Location: Canada-wide

If you like dinner on the table fast, try: Chef’s Plate

Chef’s Plate stands out with their newest menu addition: 15-minute meals. Thanks to pre-cut veggies, the prep work is already done so it’s like having a built-in sous chef. Even better, they have a blog that offers up how-to guides on cooking techniques and more.

Check out the Chef’s Plate website for more details


Location: Canada-wide

If you like to eat seasonally and responsibly, try: HelloFresh

What makes HelloFresh different? For one, they’re a global chain. They also position themselves as the premium meal-kit delivery option with seasonal farm-fresh ingredients, sustainable seafood and hormone-free Canadian meats – all packaged in state-of-the-art boxes that keep ingredients cool and fresh.

Check out HelloFresh’s website to find out how to get started


Location: Greater Vancouver Area

If you’re a Vancouver native and like to keep things local, try: Fuud

For all you Vancouver-based Rethinkers out there, this one is really good. Since their service is native to the Vancouver area, Fuud offers local ingredients and recipes from local chefs to their subscribers. On top of that, they have an entire section of recipes and meal plan options for those with vegetarian and gluten free diets. Healthy and local? It’s pretty much the best of both worlds.

Check out the Fuud website to learn more


Location: Canada-wide

If you like a varied selection, try: MissFresh 

Besides serving up seasonal and local ingredients to their Canadian subscribers, Missfresh offers up snack plans, too. An office snack box? Yes, please! If you want to completely kick back and choose a pre-designed meal kit, you can do that. If you want to mix and match some of your favourite recipes in a custom box, you can do that too. Missfresh has got you covered.

Check out the Missfresh website to get going


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