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Retail sure has a come a long way in the past few years and that rings especially true in the breast care landscape. Before, finding a decent mastectomy bra was a challenge let alone a pleasant shopping experience. Today, thanks to resources like Solace, a one-stop-shop housed in the Hudson’s Bay in Toronto, women who are looking for post-breast-surgery support products—from wigs to active care—can now shop with ease and style.

We chatted with Heidi Scott, the Principle of Solace, who has a whopping 25 years of experience in serving women post breast surgery. Here’s what she has to say.

What have you learned about the retail needs of women post breast surgery?

Very early I learned that no two women share the same journey. Being aware of how unique the experience is for every woman has proven to be true over all these years. I make a conscious effort to convey to women that they are very much in control of their experience at Solace. I am here for them and the best way I can support them is to tailor their experience to their individual needs. I’ve also learned that there is a common similarity for women and that is how very important it is for them to exercise some control at a time when so much seems out of their control.

Can you talk about the significance of better access to services like this?

Creating a normalized shopping experience that women can access easily diminishes the anxiety around dealing with these needs on an ongoing basis is very important. Mostly everyone wants to put a difficult experience in the rear-view mirror so providing access in a retail landscape supports women in getting back to doing things in a familiar way that invokes enthusiasm. Women are busy and providing a shopping experience at a location like the Bay allows them to include additional shopping needs in the same visit.

Why is it necessary to be proactive when it comes to preparing for surgery?

Post-surgical garments provide immediate comfort in the early days following your procedure. It also provides an advance opportunity to take that first step towards doing something to benefit your recovery. For many women, it diminishes the apprehension of visiting a fitter after their surgery and it reduces the anxiety when ready to do so. Lastly, it’s a chance to have a conversation with someone knowledgeable who can address questions that might otherwise get missed.

How has today’s shopping experience changed for women post-breast-surgery?

Women today have so many more options available to them, both selection-wise and expanded categories going beyond bras to activewear, swimwear, and lounge attire. Prosthetic categories are no longer exclusive to mastectomy and now include products to improve symmetry after a lumpectomy and reconstruction. The technology used in prosthetic design has improved drastically and the shopping experience has become more personal with an emphasis on creating a boutique-like atmosphere.

What would you like people to know about the service you’re providing?

We provide personalized service with an emphasis on the positive shopping experience. Our space is comfortable, bright and modern with a chic personality. We have plenty of space for whoever you want to join you. Our fitters are professional expertly trained and certified. We carry a wide range of products including compression sleeves, wigs, headwear (hats and scarves) as well as fragrance-free essential oil products. 

Heidi Scott has 25 years of experience in serving women post breast surgery. Originally from NL, Heidi began her first company in 1995 in St. John’s. She moved to Toronto in 2016 and continued her work providing personal fitting services and post-surgery products to women following breast procedures. Solace has been installed exclusively at Hudson’s Bay on Queen Street Toronto on the 4th floor in the intimate’s department. Solace is dedicated to providing a comfortable contemporary shopping experience that is welcoming and modern. They carry a wide selection of post-surgical garments intended to provide comfort in the early days following breast surgery and they also carry a catalogue of fashionable lingerie, swimwear, activewear, compression sleeves and wigs. Solace is a distinctively thoughtful brand that is establishing a preferred shopping experience for women following Breast Surgery.

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