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Mixed Feelings about Valentine’s Day

By Rethink Breast Cancer February 13 2018

We’ll admit it: we have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.

In theory, a holiday all about expressing and appreciating love should be intrinsically wonderful. Emphasis on the word “should.” Because sometimes it feels as though this holiday has more to do with the marketing of pricey gifts, high-demand dinner reservations, and rom-com style romantic gestures, than about love itself.

Resentment towards Valentine’s Day is becoming increasingly widespread. Criticism includes (but is not limited to): the unwanted reminder of single status; the onslaught of gushy, too-much-information-posts on social media; the intrusive feeling of sitting well within earshot of another couple on an intimate date, etc.

But all is not lost! There has been a notable effort to reclaim Valentine’s Day to bring attention to other subjects, such as unique female friendships (Galentine’s Day) and raising awareness for violence against women and girls (V-Day). These efforts are a great reminder that no one else should define your expectations or experience on this day or any other.

A handful of Rethinkers shared their perspectives on what Valentine’s Day means to them. Our big takeaway? Celebrate this day on YOUR terms. Or don’t celebrate at all. You do you.

7. Emily

6. Aya


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1. Ali