My Epic Love Story

In honour of love week (and Valentine’s Day!) we’re sharing tales of modern love.

Every year I set an intentional guiding theme; for 2018 it was “Epic Love.” When I set this intention for the year, I did so FULLY anticipating that the epic love I was calling in would be romantic.

I was wrong.

I was disappointed. I shook my fists + yelled “WTF?!?!” for awhile + started to make large signs that said “SEE YA NEVER 2018!”

But then I stopped to catch my breath for a minute + started to go back over the events of the year. And wow. Like WOW. Romantic love was not in the cards for me this year, but the MOST epic love was: the love of genuine, unconditional, raw + honest acceptance.

This love is a thick wool blanket of comfort that only comes from trusting the divine, trusting in yourself, and the joy of discovering that it’s the SAME DAMN THINGThe knowing that comes from profound understanding you’re never alone, that friendship is a thousand little things – not a pacifier of codependency – and that family roots run deep, even when they’re tangled.

I went to the woods + found peace, I drove the California coast + found forgiveness, I stayed home + found I had EVERYTHING I needed right here.

I got breast cancer + then got clarity on absolute acceptance and next level faith; I lost my hair + part of my breast + found courage to be whole as I am.

I quit drinking + felt free. I said “no” + held out and felt sexy + worthy + empowered. I set myself a seat at the table I wanted to sit at, and welcomed myself home.

The permission to be myself that I’d been so desperately seeking from someone, anyone else? I decided to give it to myself.  It took me 37 years to find the love + healing I’d been looking for – and wouldn’t you know it – the epic love I’d been wanting someone else to give me was here all along.

I am a hopeful romantic, and a relentless optimist. I know that I will spend Valentine’s Day this year with my three superlative little girls dipping strawberries in chocolate and counting every single blessing. I know that the juicy, romantic love I’ve been praying for will arrive in its own time, and on its own schedule. And I know – deeply – that when the time is right for that love to arrive, I will unequivocally receive it with my arms and heart wide open, knowing that I am whole on my own and as I am, now with someone else by my side to celebrate with.

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Leisse Wilcox is a life + success coach who works with women one on one to find the clarity in what they want, confidence in who they are, and the courage to stay true to both. A mom of twins plus one, she can be found near the water of her tiny beach-front townhouse. Follow her story  @leissewilcox and

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