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Breast cancer treatment is not one size fits all. For some patients, a genomic test can help determine whether chemotherapy is necessary in addition to hormone therapy to treat breast cancer and help prevent future recurrences.

In June, Rethink, along with several other breast cancer charities, teamed up with Genomic Health on #NoMatterMyAge, a campaign that calls attention to the fact that any women, no matter their age, should have all of the information about their breast cancer before making a treatment decision.

We heard stories from many women in our community who were diagnosed young and about the decisions they had to make upon diagnosis. Here’s what they had to say.

The #NoMatterMyAge campaign was created to help educate and raise awareness about the need for all breast cancer patients – regardless of their age – to get as much information as they can before making a treatment decision. This means learning how to self-advocate and to ask questions about care options, including whether a genomic test may help determine the best treatment plan. To learn more, please visit NoMatterMyAge.org

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