Rethinker Profile: Tania

Name: Tania Kwong

Age: 36

City: Richmond Hill

What do you do when you’re not changing the world with philanthropic gestures?

When I’m not shuttling my daughters, aged four and six, to birthday parties or dance lessons, I’m likely in the kitchen with my nose in a cookbook (or two!). You could say I’m a permanent nester, trying to make my home as warm and inviting as possible with fresh flowers, music (likely Cat Power) and candles/essential oils. Naturally, this propelled me to start a lifestyle blog.

How do you find a cause you are passionate about?

It usually starts with a personal connection. As a mom who has frequented the halls of Sick Kids over the years, choosing to support them was an easy decision. It’s the same with breast cancer. I know far too many women who it has affected so working to shed light on the cause feels like a natural fit.

What is one thing you have re-thought in your life? How did you approach it?

I have definitely re-thought my career. Having written for magazines for most of my working life, leaving them to pursue my current position as director of communications + marketing for Rethink was definitely an eye opener. I’m so looking forward to meaningful work and being challenged to create a new breed of authentic content.

What is the most important thing to know when it comes to donating to a cause?

Obviously it’s important to know where your dollars are going. Having a personal stake in whatever the cause is that you’re supporting is key. From my experience, it drives the need to share your cause with others and hopefully start a domino effect.

A person who gives back that you aspire to:

Christy Turlington Burns. She uses her position of influence in a meaningful way as founder of Every Mother Counts, which calls attention to the maternal health challenges that many women from all over the world face. And it’s not just her name on the website; she’s on the front lines and really championing the cause in so many ways.

What is innovative about the Rethink approach?

For me, Rethink is a refreshing voice in a field that’s often perceived as formal, exclusive and jargon-y. They really speak to young people in a direct, no BS way, which not only raises awareness but changes people perceptions, too.

What inspires you daily?

Practically everything! My kids, support network, the future. Oh, and definitely Instagram!

Why should people support a cause they are passionate about?

Passion is contagious and the more you have for a cause, the more likely it will spread!

When I give back I feel

Gratitude to be in a fortunate position to do so. Even small amounts can add up to something big.

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