Rethinking Your Relationship With Your Phone

Smart phones. They can make you antisocial. They can make you reliant on technology. They’re addictive. They can cause cancer (which, BTW they don’t!). These are just some of the ways we’re told phones are bad for us. But we don’t always hear about the many reasons why cell phones and all their technology are actually helpful — particularly for people in crisis or going though a difficult period in their life, like cancer.


1. Tuning Out the World
Let’s be real, we all have that one song that instantly puts us in a good mood and would easily be the theme song of our own reality show. 

Whether it’s blasting tunes at the gym to escape the inner voice telling you to quit or finding a way to escape the awkward “unsolicited advice” someone is giving you, smart phones give you the option to tune out the negative and tune into the positive. 

2. Apps! Apps! Apps!
That’s right! There are apps out there specifically designed for people coping with cancer.

Whether it’s dealing with chemo brain, tracking wellness goals, or learning how to meditate, this list of apps can help navigate going through cancer by lightening the load even a little bit or helping to practice self-care.

3. Talking to Loved Ones
We all need to “phone a friend” once in a while. Those with cancer need it more.

There are so many unique facets to consider surrounding a cancer diagnosis — career, relationships, fertility and parenting are just a few of them. It’s easy to overlook the daily perks of having a smart phone, long-distance calling, or Facebook, but having the ability to connect with loved ones (regardless of where they are in the world) can be extremely helpful while going through treatment and beyond.

4. Keeping Track of Well… Everything. 
Chemo brain: all the thinking and memory problems that often start after cancer treatment.

Those with cancer have tons of info being thrown at them on the regular. Doctor’s appointments. Treatment plans. Not to mention all the other things they have going on, like spending time with their families, being present around the kids or maintaining their mental health. And things like chemo brain don’t make remembering or making time for these things any easier. Needless to say, smart phones and platforms like Google Calendar are basically a necessity for staying on top of everything.

5. Connecting to Online Resources
Probably one of the best aspects of cell phone technology and the Internet is the ability to bring unlikely friends together. 

As great, loving, and supportive as they are, sometimes caregivers just don’t completely understand what a young person with cancer is really going through. There are a number of online communities out there to support people with cancer, but none like the Rethink Young Women’s Network (RYWN) which specifically supports young women with breast cancer by connecting them with other young women dealing with breast cancer. Smart phones can help young women stay connected to fabulous resources like RYWN wherever they go.

Connect with other young women with breast cancer by joining the Rethink Young Women’s Network.

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