Women in our network with metastatic breast cancer have played a huge role in helping us expand the breast cancer conversation to include metastatic voices. Through your participation in forums, blog posts and our Live Laugh Learn metastatic resources, you’ve helped us empower more metastatic women to have their voice heard and to fully participate in their treatment planning.

I think it’s working.

The metastatic breast cancer community is gaining traction; the voices are getting stronger; women are clamouring to be understood and they are pleading for increased research funding into metastatic breast cancer.

Traditionally, academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies determine what topics are worth investigating. There is a growing shift to invite patients, their family and patient organizations to help identify, discuss and prioritize issues for future research. Incorporating patients’ point of view can make research more relevant and valuable for those most affected. Metastatic breast cancer is incredibly complicated and many areas of research need to be pursued – from psychological and social impacts (quality of life, better communication between patient and healthcare team) to tumour biology and non-tumour biology issues that may cause or prevent metastasis.

Rethink is pleased to be a part of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Priority Setting Partnership, which strives to give Canadian patients, caregivers, clinicians and researchers a voice in identifying the research priorities of those most affected by metastatic breast cancer. You can participate in the survey at: www.breastcancerjla.com 

Research is a vital part of the puzzle when it comes to metastatic patients having more options, more new “tools in their toolbox.” And accessing those new tools is of vital importance too.  Stay tuned for our #MetsMonday posts to learn about what Rethink Breast Cancer is tackling next when it comes to improving Access to Treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer patients.

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