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The Oscars: Rethink Edition

By Rethink Breast Cancer March 2 2018

It’s Oscar’s weekend (a.k.a. the 90th Annual Academy Awards) and in light of the world’s most famous awards show, we thought you’d want to check out some of Rethink’s best screen work to date. So grab some popcorn and get ready to binge-watch.

Best “They-Didn’t-Actually-Say-That” Picture:

We asked young women in our network with breast cancer (RYWN) what people have said to them about their breast cancer diagnoses and journeys. “Sh*t People Say When You Have Cancer” is a collection of what they told us.



Best “Thanks-But-No-Thanks” Screenplay:

What can you do when you receive advice you never asked for? “How To Deal With Unsolicited Advice” offers advice on how to reject unwanted advice with class.


Best “Faces-of-High-Risk” Documentary:

“High Risk,”a Rethink Breast Cancer film and Clark Stanley production is a documentary featuring seven young women at increased risk of breast cancer illuminating their experience of being high risk.

Best “The-Women-of-HER-2” Cinematography:

“About Her” follows the unique stories of young women diagnosed with one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer (HER2+).


Best “Questions-On-Cannabis” Feature:

Many women with breast cancer have questions about medical cannabis. “What You Need To Know About Medical Cannabis” follows three women and their conversations with Erin Prosk – an expert on medical cannabis and its use.


Best “You-Heard-It-Here-First” Production Design

Featuring influencers Peyton List, Maeve Tomalty, Mia Carucci & Meghan Hughes, #8008135’s “Broken Telephone” delivers the 411 on breast cancer and risk to youth and teens while busting myths in the process.


Best “Gotta-Have-It” Visual Effects

“How To Show Someone with Cancer You Give-A-Care” introduces the first line of products for young women with breast cancer, that actually understands young women with breast cancer. A personalized care package that acknowledges what she’s really going through, and gives her the care she really needs.


Best “The-Truth-About-MBC” Short Film

“I Am Anna” tells the insightful story of Anna Craig: a mother, wife, artist, architect and young woman living with metastatic breast cancer and how she helps build a support network for young metastatic women.

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