Tig Notaro: I’m Just a Person

If you are looking for a good holiday read, look no further! Whether you are basking in the sun on the beach or cozied up on your couch post-treatment, I’m Just a Person is the perfect book.

Comedians seem to have a way of making even the most macabre and scary funny. Some may say there is nothing funny about having cancer – it’s a life or death situation.  However, Tig Notaro shows us another side. After her diagnosis with cancer, she took to the stage for a stand-up routine that famously started with, “Hi! How are you? Hi! Hello! I am Tig Notaro and I have cancer.”  Instead of the proverbial mic drop moment that may silence someone, Tig continued to share her story and connect with her audience over her cancer experience.

Her book furthers that connection by linking the realities of a cancer diagnosis with the absurdity of how unprepared someone is for it and the fallout when treatment is done.

Below is an expert originally published in the Globe and Mail on June 19th 2016.

“I often imagine how unhelpful I’d be running up to the wreckage of a car crash hoping to help but promptly vomiting and fainting at the sight of blood. I’d be mistakenly life-flighted to the nearest hospital while the real victim waited for AAA to haul their mangled body to a junkyard. I discovered my almost phobic aversion to blood and guts in seventh grade when we were asked to dissect an earthworm. I couldn’t believe the ease with which my eager classmates heartlessly eviscerated their specimens with pins and razors. Ironically, almost a decade later, my first job in Hollywood would be working for Sam Raimi (name drop), the master director of horror and blood splatter.”

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