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Untitled….A Poem From Wildfire

So close yet so far

It’s somewhere in the distance

Or shining down from the brightest star

It hasn’t gotten easier, not sure if it should

Hoping and praying, always wishing that it would

Sometimes I forget, but maybe I choose to ignore

The truth

We can’t go back to how things were before

Weak and weary and ready to be done

But giving up was not an option when this had begun

Entering another realm, falling through a glass floor

Then I look into your eyes and I remember what I’m fighting for

By: Abbie R. Matza

Wildfire Breast Cancer Magazine

Abbie R. Matza. Writer and editor. Diagnosed at age 36. Stage IIb, ER+, PR+, HER2-. Abbie is a 38-year-old writer and editor from New York City. She was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer in late 2015, at the age of 36. Over the past year, she has undergone 16 rounds of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction, and 25 rounds of radiation. Writing poetry has been her therapy on this journey. It has allowed her to express herself and connect with some amazing people with whom she otherwise would not have crossed paths. In addition to poetry, she enjoys floral design and jewellery design and looks forward to channelling more of her creative spirit while on the road to recovery and thereafter. The love and support of her family and close friends have kept her moving forward. Abbie has chosen to use a pen name to protect her privacy as she embarks on her new normal.

Editor’s Note: This piece has been republished with permission from WILDFIRE Magazine, the “Love” issue (Vol 1, No 2, Copyright (c) April 2016 by Wildfire Community LLC). More information available at wildfirecommunity.org.

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WILDFIRE Magazine is the only magazine for young women survivors and fighters of breast cancer under 45 years old. Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, WILDFIRE is a beautiful, story-based bi-monthly magazine published on different themes relevant to young women survivors, from stage 0 to stage IV. Beautiful and ad-free! Visit  wildfirecommunity.org for more info.]]>

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