What Is CBD Oil anyway?

Ok, first things first…

What is CBD oil?

The ingredients. 

It can be a little confusing, but CBD oil is a cannabinoid. The letters C-B-D stand for cannabidiol, which can come from the cannabis plant or its sister plant: hemp. However, according to this article by High Times, it’s most important to note that CBD is not THC. THC is the component of cannabis that gets a person “high.” So, normally CBD oil contains little to no THC (and typically not enough to get a person very high).

Again, it can be a little confusing – especially with all the talk about legalizing cannabis in Canada. But, long story short, in Canada, CBD oil isn’t legal for everyone. The Cannabis Act hasn’t been passed yet and, right now, the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) states that it’s only legal for medical patients who are registered with licensed healthcare professionals and authorized to purchase from licensed producers. Even CBD oil that comes from hemp plants (and contains practically no THC) is only available to medical patients too.

For all the deets about the legal status of CBD oil in Canada and the U.S., check out this article by Lift & Co.

The how-to.

People can use CBD oil recreationally. However, the medical benefits are more well-known. It can relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help with other side-effects. You can add it to different foods and/or drinks. But there are a lot of other ways outside of food to use CBD oil too. And people don’t often know about them! Below are some examples of lifestyle and beauty products that contain this trending ingredient.

For more information on how to become a registered medical patient under the ACMPR, check out this article by Leafly.

CBD Oil for Lifestyle + Beauty

All products and images were taken from the Miss Grass Flowershop – an online shop for all things women, cannabis, and wellness. For more information on their products and prices, visit their website.

Lip balm
CBD Lip Balm

Featured (left): Vertly CBD INFUSED LIP + SKIN BALM

Featured (right): Cannuka CBD HYDRATING LIP BALM

Body Lotion
CBD Body Lotion

Featured (left): Apothecanna EVERDAY CREME

Featured (center): Vertly HEMP INFUSED BODY LOTION

Featured (right): Cannuka CBD NOURISHING BODY CREAM

CBD Lubricant

Featured: Foria AWAKEN

Body Spray
CBD Body Spray

Featured (left): Apothecanna RELIEVING SPRAY

Featured (right): Apothecanna EXTRA STRENGTH RELIEVING SPRAY

CBD Soap

Featured (left): Ho Karan CREAMY SOAP

Featured (right): Wildflower CBD+ SOAP

To find out whether CBD oil can or should be added to your healthcare regime, it’s best to speak with your healthcare professional.

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