Why I Love Being on the Boobyball Committee

For sixteen years, Rethink’s annual fundraising event, Boobyball, has had a reputation for being a one-of-a-kind event. But coordinating the amazing decor, unique activations, killer gift bags and auction items that make this party the talk of the town is no easy feat. We have our incredibly dedicated committee members in each city to thank for making Boobyball the memorable night it is!

Sam Cherry (Boobyball Toronto), Kelly Townsend (Boobyball Vancouver) and Melinda Karlsson (Boobyball Ottawa) share why they chose to get involved with their Boobyball Committee and what keeps them coming back. Want to join them? Why not apply for the Boobyball Committee 2018!

Sam Cherry (Boobyball Toronto), Kelly Townsend (middle; Boobyball Vancouver), Melinda Karlsson (Boobyball Ottawa)

How do you describe Boobyball?

Sam: Boobyball is by far my favourite event! It has now become an annual tradition. Who doesn’t want to have an absolute blast with all of their friends and help others at the same time? 

Kelly: Boobyball is unlike any event and it is truly unique. Boobyball is more than a night out of dancing. There are a variety of activation stations set up throughout Boobyball, which makes it an interactive event and one of a kind. 

Melinda: Boobyball is a fundraiser based around awareness, support and empowerment.  I think its unique in the sense that while being inclusive for anyone at any age it really brings to the forefront an issue that is and will effect young women sooner or later, whether that be personally or through someone they may be close to. 

Why did you want to get involved with Boobyball?

Kelly: The main reason I got involved with Boobyball is because there are very few (and not nearly enough) charitable events that are geared towards young professionals. I think that it is very important to engage the younger generation in philanthropy work and give them an opportunity to give back. Current events are usually galas that are set at a price point that is not feasible for young professionals and Boobyball is an event that provides them with this opportunity. Additionally, a lot of individuals (including myself) have been affected by breast cancer in one way or another and I think that it is extremely important to bring awareness to breast cancer. I especially think that it is important to bring the awareness to young women as breast cancer can affect anyone regardless of their age. It is important for young women to know this, take the necessary steps, and have the support they need. Rethink’s work is outstanding and unique – just like Boobyball. It brings a different light to breast cancer.

Sam: I wanted to be involved with an organization that cared about the people it supported and that did it in an uplifting, fresh, and positive way. Rethink Breast Cancer has really changed the way I see giving back. It isn’t about getting out my credit card (even though sometimes it is because their initiatives are incredible – aka Give-A-Care), it is about finding ways in your everyday life to give back – like getting together with 1,000 young people, having some cocktails and celebrating the incredible work that Rethink is doing to help change the future for young women with breast cancer. 

Melinda: I wanted to be involved because I think it’s a great cause lead by really passionate women. I think we all have a responsibility to help in anyway we can and for me I am able to make time to sit on this committee and help plan this great event every year. For others it could be something like sharing links that help create more awareness, donating or showing up to a really fun party to raise money to fight this horrible disease and also support the brave women that are either going through or have gone through fighting it. 

What is your favourite thing about being on the Boobyball Committee? 

Sam: I have been on the committee now for 5 years and they can’t get rid of me! I have met some of the most amazing, strong, innovative, creative, thoughtful women who are so passionate about building a community of similar people and making a difference in a super positive, beautiful, and fun way. The best part of being on the committee for me is seeing how the organization has grown so much over those 5 years and the impacts that have been made because of Boobyball’s success. I can actually see the results – which makes it all worth it.  

Melinda: My favorite part of being part of Boobyball is the humanity you witness throughout the planning process and then of course on the night of the event. Its really sad to see how many people have been effected by breast cancer but also wonderful to see how many people out there want to help and turn their personal stories into a way to help others. I think it’s inspiring and it really helps bring everyone together and create an amazing event with a really great vibe.
Kelly: My favourite thing about Boobyball is working with the individuals on the committee that come from a variety of backgrounds. It is amazing to see a group of individuals get together, get creative, and see the outstanding results of everyone’s hard work.

Is there anything unexpected that you learned or gained from being on the Boobyball Committee?

Melinda: I think something I’ve gained from this committee is an extended network of really powerful women that truly care about making a difference. The women that are on this committee are all busy, hardworking and passionate girls and I think coming together every year to plan this event and help the Rethink Breast Cancer Foundation do what they do makes us all a little bit better. 

Kelly: I always appreciated what it took to put together a large scale event but this gave me even more appreciation for all the work that individuals take to put on an event and what exactly goes on behind the scenes to make these things happen.

Sam: I have learned that giving back doesn’t just have to be about donating money – time and energy is equally as important and helps you feel like you are truly contributing to something greater. 

Do you want to be part of the team that makes Boobyball happen?
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