Women With MBC Need You To Be Their Ally

MBC Ally

I’m writing this on my way to a global meeting about MBC. I’ll be at the table with a select group of MBC patient advocates to discuss clinical trials, quality of life measures and new patient education tools. I’ll be sharing Rethink’s professional perspective, while also holding individual women’s stories in my heart—Rethink may be bold and mighty, but we are a small team that is very close to our community.

I am continuously grateful to the women with MBC who bravely share their stories and work with us. Their presence in our films, videos, blog posts and campaigns help so many and is now part of their own legacy.

But the task of improving outcomes for those with MBC can’t be placed on those with MBC alone. They’ve got too much already. Even the most dedicated Rethinker has to take a step back when she is dealing with progression. And those that are thriving are busy with their bucket lists and building memories with loved ones while managing treatment too.

That’s why I love knowing that as I am hunkered down in a hotel meeting room in Vienna, simultaneously, a whole army of MBC Allies is amassing to support them and others with MBC.

Our goal is to rally 10,000 MBC Allies to take our pledge to stand together to help women with MBC live better and live longer. Right now, some MBC patients live for months, others thrive for many years, but the global median survival time from initial progression has been stuck at two to three years for decades. That’s not good enough. At all. We want that doubled by 2025.

I’m a born optimist and love a bold, ambitious goal, especially when I think it’s achievable. And I believe this can be if we work together.

While we need MBC Allies to call on decision makers, drug manufacturers, health care professionals and researchers to listen more closely, be held to account and do better.

We need the whole broader breast cancer community to join us and pledge to be MBC Allies. We need the general public to be Allies too. We need to lift these women up. We need to have their backs. And most importantly, we need to help them live better and live longer.

We need you.

Women with MBC need you to be their Ally. Sign the pledge today.

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